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To better support our customers, Inline has implemented the following support policies. If you have any questions or comments on the following, please email You must be running at least the latest released version of our software for any type of support to be provided. The reason for this is simple, many times a reported issue has already been resolved and it is faster for all parties involved to update to the latest version first. Getting your issue resolved quickly is our top priority.


Inline provides email and phone support from 8am EST to 6pm EST, Mondays through Fridays excluding Canadian holidays. Emails beyond those hours may be returned if staff are still working beyond the standard hours.

Response Time

Standard Response for a paid support incident/contract client is 4 business hours. Standard Response time for non-support contract clients is two business days. If you require faster response, then you need to purchase a support contract or incident. These times are for initial response not the time it may take to resolve the problem. Should Inline require access to the machine to troubleshoot the problem, that access must be through Telnet, SSH, VNC or PC Anywhere. FTP access may also be necessary. Inline is not responsible for loss of data or revenue in any way whether the problem was caused by Inline or our software or not.

Free Coverage

Inline provides free installation assistance. This does not mean Inline will perform the install for you. It means that we will provide answers to questions that you may have. Inline will do a paid installation for you if you require which includes the 3rd party components. Call our sales department to order a paid installation. Other items covered for free include:
  • can the product do a particular task (but not how do I get it to do it)
  • provision of documentation (feedback always welcome to improve the docs)
  • identification of a software bug

Free Support Options

Paid Coverage

Items that are covered with paid support include:
  • information on where a particular action happens in the code
  • how do I set up the product to do a particular task
  • fixing incorrect settings in a store setup
  • installation support as a separate item which includes everything needed to get iHTML and merchant running on the machine except the operating system install and configuration

Not Covered

Inline provides technical support for it's own products, it does not provide technical support for 3rd party components that may be required to run the Inline software. We can provide guidance from our experiences but support for those products should be obtained from the vendor. This includes ODBC drivers, databases, web servers, operating systems and hardware.

Inline can not provide support on a store that has customizations to it that are outside of a template.

Inline does not provide programming support. If you need assistance with programming you can use our mailing list or support forum to see if someone will help you or to find a paid programmer to assist you. Inline can do custom programming, for a quote, contact our sales department.

Inline does not provide end user support except when that support has been purchased. We will refer end user clients back to their hosting provider if they are not our direct customer. In other words, the only people provided any sort of support are those that have purchased the product from us. If the hosting provider is unable or unwilling to help their customers without purchasing an end user support contract from us, we will refer them to another hosting provider that can provide them support or we will sell them a support contract.

Inline does not provide any sort of support for setup of our software on a non-supported platform. A supported platform is one that is listed on our web site.

Inline does not provide maintenance support on databases, web servers or operating systems.

Inline does not provide free support for 3rd party components that change which render Inline software to be non-functional. This includes but is not limited to the ODBC DM, ODBC driver, database server, web server, operating system, payment processor, shipping provider etc....

If you are referred to a 3rd party, the case remains open with Inline until the 3rd party has resolved the problem. After a three weeks, Inline will contact the customer (by email) to see if the problem has been resolved in order to officially close the support case.

Once an installation is complete and shown to be working, if it is broken or stops working, it will be a paid incident to investigate and fix the problem.

Pricing (in US Dollars)

Per Incident Support Call $ 75
5 Call Block $ 325
10 Call Block $ 600
20 Call Block $ 1000
1 Year Unlimited Support $ 1495
End User Support $ 85 per store (all stores hosted must purchase this program)
oPAYc Subscription $ 50/year
Full Installation Incident $ 300
(web server, unixodbc, database, ihtml and merchant)


To purchase technical support, please contact our sales department at 905-680-0436 or email You can also purchase support online Here

Support Process

When a request for support is initiated via email or phone, the type of support request is determined and the incident is billed or not. The incident is then entered into our Support Tracking System. An incident number will be provided and the case will remain open until resolved. The support technician will determine the appropriate course of action to resolve the issue. This may include a suggested update to the software, reinstallation, referral to a FAQ or documentation.

A support incident at first involves determination of the actual problem. The act of determining this is part of the paid support incident and may end in referring the customer to a 3rd party provider.

If the problem is with a 3rd party component (hosting provider, database, web server, operating system, customizations or plugin component) the support technician will refer the client to the appropriate party for further resolution.

Support will be provided until it is determined that
  • the installation environment is not supported
  • the software being installed is modified or corrupt
  • the issue is a bug, the incident then becomes a bug report issue
  • the user is attempting to do something which the software was not designed to do
  • the problem has been resolved that allows normal use of the product

Other Notes

Email is usually used to respond to a support incident after the initial call since most of the time, detailed instructions need to be conveyed and it is usually better for the client to receive them in a written form so they can be referred to while following them.

Inline does not charge for bug reports. If a paid support incident was due to a bug in the Inline software (not 3rd party) then there will be no charge for the incident. Inline is not responsible for making backups of data or files when working on solving a problem.

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