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About InTelaCart

InTelaCart is a simple shopping cart solution that is deployed by web hosting companies to offer easy to use and straightforward ecommerce capabilities. InTelaCart can be used on ANY web site, hosted ANYWHERE. The carts are all hosted at an InTelaCart hosting provider and we can also provide hosting of a cart for you. You can purchase InTelaCart as a service (hosted) or as software (you host it). InTelaCart supports over 30 different payment gateways to provide real time credit card processing functions.

InTelaCart runs on Windows NT, 2000, XP, Linux and FreeBSD (email us if interested in other platforms). It requires a database server (Sybase, MS SQL, Postgres or mySQL), an ODBC Driver Manager, an ODBC Driver and of course a web server. InTelaCart supports the following web servers, Netscape, Microsoft IIS, Deerfield/O'Reilly Website, Apache and Zeus. You don't need any of this if you host the cart with us or a hosting provider.

InTelaCart is written in iHTML which is a server side programming language and application server. For more information on iHTML visit

InTelaCart is used by a number of payment gateways as a turnkey solution for their clients. Both iBILL and Internetsecure support thousands of customers with InTelaCart.

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