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Features and Benefits

  • Easy to setup, maintain and use
  • Completely web browser based administration
  • Fast API execution using iHTML (slower CGI option also available)
  • Supports SSL security through the web server (separate Certificate required)
  • Completely cross platform (runs on Windows, FreeBSD and Linux)
  • Works will all popular web servers (IIS, Netscape, O'Reilly, Zeus and Apache)
  • Support for Sybase, MS SQL, Postgres and mySQL database servers
  • Has product name, code, quantity, price, shipping, tax, weight and custom options
  • Unlimited number of Products
  • Multiple product options (Size, Price, Weight, Shipping, Color, etc.)
  • Easy import of a product database from a tab or comma separated text file
  • Tax Calculations done automatically, flexible by state/prov/country
  • Flexible shipping options via UPS, FedEx USPS, DHL, Airborne Express and Eparcel
  • Allows specifying which countries to allow shipping to
  • Accepts both billing and shipping addresses
  • Secure pricing to prevent fraudulent orders
  • Credit Card information is encrypted for security purposes
  • Support for over 30 credit card processors using oPAYc technology
  • Select which payment processors each cart can use
  • Ability for the cart user to Sign Up for a Merchant Account immediately
  • Allows customization of the e-mail messages sent out
  • Separate customer email for credit card approvals and declines
  • Client side validation of required fields on the payment form using Javascript
  • Customizable Look & Feel of Shopping Cart
  • Easy cut and paste HTML code for the cart user to add to their remote web site
  • Reports on orders across all carts and in an individual cart
  • Refund capable (depending on the payment processor used)
  • Export order and product information in tab or comma separated format

New Version 2.0 Features and Benefits

  • New payment gateway options
  • Performance improvements on MS SQL server
  • Better error handling functionality
  • Customer service management features
  • ESD Capable
  • Improved messages throughout back end
  • Ability to mass delete products
  • Improved data import/export
  • Free shipping options
  • Pricing rules system to better manage product pricing
  • Faster order processing abilities
  • Distributor Fulfillment system
  • XML order status output/input
  • Various new configuration options
  • The store ship-to countries can be selected on a per-store basis by the ITC Owner
  • The subsystem defaults are a configurable option, and used as default values when a new cart is created by the ITC Owner.
  • Improved messages throughout front end
  • Improved Volume/Member discounts
  • Allow taxes on shipping amounts
  • New shipping calculation options
  • Handles CVV2
  • Comments & tracking info can be entered on order update pages
  • Allows setting of what credit cards are accepted
  • Emails to store owner improved
  • Better handling of product styles
  • Easy cut-and paste integration with your existing site. HTML code is generated on demand.
  • Order status page allows customers to view the current status of their order and order history
  • Provider can specify what currencies sales can be completed in. The currency that matches the store's country is picked if the currency is available, otherwise USD.

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