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InTelaCart Hosting Service

InTelaCart Hosting     Full Web Site Hosting with InTelaCart
Ideal solution for users who don't want to worry about installing software or maintaining a server and want to get up and running very quickly.     Need more than just a cart? We can host your entire web site as well as the InTelaCart for the price of hosting a regular web site. Its like getting your cart hosting for FREE!
Your existing web site stays as it is and you simply add some HTML for "Add to Cart" and "View Cart" buttons.     We host your entire web site including your own domain if required including InTelaCart for one low monthly price.
- web based administration system for your cart
- free email technical support
- secure checkout using our SSL certificate
- orders sent via email and within admin system
- shipping/tax calculations
- all the features in the InTelaCart 2.0 product!

How InTelaCart Hosting Works

- all the InTelaCart features for selling plus
- your own domain (purchased seperately at a domain registar)
- 100MB of disk space
- 2GB of data transfer per month
- Windows or Linux hosting
- use of our SSL certificate or purchase your own
- FTP Access to the site
- iHTML/ASP/PHP/Java/Javascript support
- 10 email accounts or unlimited redirected accounts
- Front Page extensions
- MS Access/Postgres/MS SQL server database support

Price (per month):
1-50 Products $ 19.99
51-100 Products $ 29.99
101-200 Products $ 49.99
201-500 Products $ 69.99
501-1000 Products $ 89.99
1001+ Products $ 129.99

FREE Setup!
    Price (per month):
1-100 Products $ 49.99
101-200 Products $ 69.99
201-500 Products $ 89.99
501-1000 Products $ 109.99
1001+ Products $ 149.99

FREE Setup!
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