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How InTelaCart Hosting Works

We assume you already have a web site up and running or will have one shortly and you just want to be able to quickly and easily sell products and/or services on it. Instead of having to move your site or install complex software you can host the cart portion with us. This means when someone adds an item to their cart, we handle that and the checkout process.

For each item on your web site you will add some simple HTML that will show something like this in the web browser

Really Cool iDRINK T-Shirt
Only $13.95
Add to Cart

The HTML for the Add to Cart button will be something like this

<a href=""><img src="btn_addtocart.gif" alt="Add to Cart" width="124" height="21" border="0"></a>

To generate the HTML code, you use the administration system of your InTelaCart by adding products either one at a time or via uploading a tab/comma delimited list which can include styles for things like T-Shirts. The HTML is simple to copy and paste as well. Each product has its own PRODCODE and that is the only difference between each product link so its simple to quickly add the links to your site by simply changing the PRODCODE on each one.

You can set shipping and tax options in the administration system as well as the payment gateway to use to process the credit cards in real time.

When someone comes to your web site and clicks the add to cart button they are then taken to the cart system and they enter their information and checkout to make the purchase.

The page the user sees when they add to the cart will look something like this

An email receipt is sent to them and an order notification is sent to you so you know when orders get placed. The administration system shows all the order information and you can manage your customers from there as well. You can also customize the cart page with your logo from the administratoin system.

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